Holsteins to go under hammer

By Rodney Woods on January 18, 2018
  • Holsteins to go under hammer

    Darren Crawford is holding a sale of his stud on Jan 23.

  • Holsteins to go under hammer

    Udder perfection... Darren Crawford breeds his cattle for type and udders.

  • Holsteins to go under hammer

    Invergordon's Darren Crawford is changing his career path after five year of owning his own farm.

Fifth generation dairy farmer Darren Crawford has owned his own farm since mid-2012 and he has been dairying ever since he left school at the end of 2000.

But after five years of ownership, the Invergordon farmer and his young family have decided to sell part of their Horizon Holsteins stud.

Mr Crawford said he bred for type and udders, and anyone who attended the sale on January 23 would not be disappointed.

‘‘I’ve always tried to buy the best cows possible. Even at times when I haven’t had the money, I have found a way,’’ Mr Crawford said.

‘‘You need luck to go your way with flushing and we have had luck with flushing programs which allows us to offer multiple numbers of daughters out of high-profile cow families.

‘‘The main features on these cows are their udders.

‘‘People who come and see the herd say, ‘look at the udders on these young cows’,’’ he said.

The highlight of the sale will be some of the family members of Mr Crawford’s herd.

‘‘Some of the cows include eight family members of the $175000 Canadian dollar cow and 16 direct daughters of my most favourite cow which I bought in 2013 — the Paradise cow.’’

Despite the sale being smack bang in the middle of International Dairy Week, Mr Crawford did not think the timing would deter potential buyers.

‘‘We have sold the farm and the settlement is mid-February. It (the date) kind of fits with the farm settlement and for those travelling from afar we thought if we put it (the sale) the week before they would have to travel twice — and they wouldn’t come back if we had it afterwards.’’

Mr Crawford said he was an early riser and he enjoyed seeing his cattle grow.

‘‘I’ve always been a morning person. It’s the best part of the day.

‘‘I wake up at four o’clock. Whatever we are doing I wake up at that time.

‘‘I enjoy being outside and being my own boss and working with the cows and calves — assisting when they’re born, raising them and then milking them in the dairy,’’ he said.

‘‘That’s a very enjoyable thing to watch happen.’’

Mr Crawford will be taking some of his younger stock with him to Cootamundra, in NSW’s Riverina region, where his parents own land — but said he would miss the cows that were sold.

‘‘I do love my cows and being with them all the time.

‘‘What I won’t miss is getting up in the middle of the night changing water.’’

■The Horizon Holsteins stud sale will be held on-farm at 409 Youanmite Rd, Invergordon on January 23, beginning at 10am.

By Rodney Woods on January 18, 2018

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