Hunting out a different career

By Country News on January 09, 2018
  • Hunting out a different career

    George Brisbane and his staghound Sara.

  • Hunting out a different career

    On the job . . . Staghound Sara, who is better at working cattle than the Brisbane family’s kelpie.

  • Hunting out a different career

    Big plans . . . George Brisbane bought Sara as a hunting dog.

What is Sara’s personality like?

George: She’s energetic, she runs a lot, she’s quick. She normally comes and lets you pat her.

Mark: She’s still in training but she has potential with the cows. George bought her for a hunting dog.

What does she do on the farm to help?

George: She barks up the laneway and brings them home. If we are getting the cows in and you say ‘‘come here’’ she will stop chasing them. I’m trying to get her to chase rabbits. One day, I hope to put her on foxes.

Mark: One day you hope to breed from her, don’t you George? There’s quite a demand for them.

Does she have any odd habits?

Mark: She sniffs people in inappropriate areas when she first meets them.

What does she have to eat?

Mark: Dry pellets and kangaroo mince.

George: Cans of food, kangaroo tails and chicken necks.

Mark: She loves chicken necks.

Has Sara had any near misses?

Mark: She jumped off the motorbike at 45km/h. She fell on her hip but didn’t even let out a yelp.

Does she do much travelling?

Mark: Yeah, in and out of Shepparton. She’s getting a bit big for the car.

George: She also rides in the back of the ute and follows the motorbike.

Words and pictures: Rodney Woods

By Country News on January 09, 2018

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