Old factory to make power for new

By Country News on January 02, 2018
  • Old factory to make power for new

    The site of the proposed power generator.

A Goulburn Valley businessman is working on a novel energy project which will use food waste to generate power for a new dairy factory.

Ian Bertram has received a Victorian Government grant towards the project based at the former Heinz factory at Girgarre which was once a cheese factory.

Australian Consolidated Milk is planning to build a new dairy factory on a green-field site next to the old facility this year and may be the power generator’s best customer.

Australian entrepreneur Priyanka Bakaya is working with Mr Bertram’s company, Resource Resolution, to develop a bio-digester that will generate electric power for the grid using waste food.

Plastic material would also be recovered for re-use.

Mr Bertram’s company has been processing out-of-date food and drink products for use as stock feed.

Ms Bakaya is the founder and chief executive of Renewology, a clean energy company which aims to divert plastics from landfill towards renewable energy sources.

A facility in the United States is already converting plastics into fuel.

By Country News on January 02, 2018

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