Farmers have their voices heard

By Country News on October 18, 2016
  • Farmers have their voices heard

    UDV Conference held at the MCG. AGM, financial report, sessions on milk pricing structure and effectiveness, as well as sessions on market access.

A government symposium has offered a chance for all industry players to speak on the dairy crisis.

Australia’s dairy industry has committed to work towards fixing the ongoing crisis engulfing the sector following a Federal Government symposium in Melbourne.

The UDV praised the symposium as an ideal forum for farmers to have their voices heard in the same room as government, processor and retail representatives.

“Dairy farmers had an opportunity today to confront the processors and retailers responsible for the milk price cuts and low milk prices, and demand greater transparency from the farm gate across the whole supply chain,” UDV president Adam Jenkins said.

“It was a productive and frank discussion where we got to put our case forward regarding claw-back clauses, we got to say what needs to change, and we got an outcome that the whole supply chain can address.”

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce chaired the meeting, announcing the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would be given expanded powers in its inquiry into the dairy industry, with the consumer watchdog being handed the authority to obtain information from companies.

The inquiry, which is due to begin in November, will look at sharing the risk along the supply chain, supply agreements and contracts, competition, bargaining and trading practices in the industry and the effect of world and retail prices on profitability.

“We’re extremely encouraged by Minister Joyce’s comments that dairy farmers deserve fair returns at the farm gate, as well as transparency in milk price arrangements and supply contracts,” Mr Jenkins said.

“It’s vital that we uncover all the inefficiencies and inequities our dairy farmers face, and we agree an in-depth and independent inquiry would achieve a thorough and fair result.”

By Country News on October 18, 2016

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