Group focuses on farming decisions

By Country News on December 23, 2015

A meeting was held at Brad Adams’ Murray Dairy Focus Farm at Strathmerton last week.

Mr Adams signed up for the Murray Dairy initiative, which involves putting his dairying business under the microscope, analysing business decisions and sharing information within the support group.

Topics for discussion involved water strategies, summer cropping and keeping cows cool over the hot summer months.

Mr Adams has chosen to sow 17ha of maize this season due to a rainfall event that saw 80 to 100Ml of water captured in his turkey nest dam.

Heat stress in the predominately Jersey herd is not really an issue unless prolonged temperatures of over 40°C are experienced, but Mr Adams does try to feed the cows early and keep them close to the dairy in a shady paddock.

The meeting was well attended by members of the support group.

By Country News on December 23, 2015

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