Finley cow wins another title

By Country News on December 21, 2015

Reigning Sydney and Victorian Winter Fair champion, Mooramba Talent Randell from Finley, took top spot in the Victorian and south-eastern South Australia finals at the Semex-Holstein Australia On-Farm Dairy Competition.

Owned by Wood Lawn Holsteins at Finley, Randell was bought at the Mooramba dispersal sale two years ago for $11000.

‘‘In the mature cow class, longevity is what we look for,’’ judge Matthew Templeton said.

‘‘She is a cow I love for her length of frame and balance.’’

He said she had a beautiful long neck, beautiful depth to her mid-section and openness to her rib, and an admirable mammary system.

Second place went to Far Vista Ladino Judith, owned by R.H. and D.E. Grumley from Newry.

The five-year-old champion went to Brindabella Knowledge K Greta, owned by J. and S. Sieben from Torrumbarry.

‘‘It’s an honour to get through to the top 10 in our own sub-branch,’’ Ms Sieben said.

‘‘To go on and win today is an absolute honour.’’

Second place went to Glenorleigh Damion Mottle, owned by R.K. and J.R. Gordan from Cohuna.

Tallelms Dempsey Topgirl took first place in the two-year-old division and is owned by C.D. and S.P. Russel from Neerim.

Second place went to Bluechip Durham G Paradise-Twin, owned by T.D. and K.J. Gilmore from Yarrawalla.

David and Elaine Louden from Modella won their first championship with Arrowstar Goldwyn Paradise-ET in the three-year-old class.

‘‘It’s like the Melbourne Cup at 100-to-one odds,’’ Mr Louden said.

In the three-year-old division, second place went to ’ Avonlea Windbrook Lulu, owned by Cohuna breeders Elmar Holsteins and R.J. and L.E. Blackburn.

Les and Dianne White, who farm with their son Russ and daughter-in-law Amy, had a first-time champion, Delee Esquire 433, who was a debut finalist in the four-year-old division.

Mr White said Esquire 433 was the best cow he had bred and she had come up through the appendix system.

Mr Templeton said the first-placed cow got there fairly easily for him.

‘‘She just blew me away,’’ he said.

Second place in the four-year-old division went to Gwayen Farmdealer Norma, owned by W.R. Furze from Osbornes Flat.

By Country News on December 21, 2015

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