Making infant formula safer

By Country News on December 15, 2015

’Sophisticated technology aims to give domestic and international consumers more peace of mind when purchasing infant formula, according to an Australian powdered milk company.

Camperdown Dairy International has recently introduced a new laser coding system to confirm the authenticity of their premium Australian-made products including infant formula, as well as a new contamination-proof lid and spoon system.

‘‘Camperdown customers have always been assured that our infant formula sourced from local Australian dairy farms is among the safest available anywhere in the world,’’ Camperdown Dairy International powder division general manager Gavin Evans said.

Events including the infant formula contamination threats in New Zealand to Fonterra and a farmers group in November 2014 and the incident in 2008 with a widespread contamination of infant formula in China, have heightened consumer awareness about the product’s safety.

‘‘The market has called for some form of defence against counterfeiting and the risk of contamination,’’ Mr Evans said.

‘‘By laser printing unique codes on the bottom of each tin, we are taking steps to combat this problem in what we believe is the first form of bulk serialisation for individual products in Australia.’’

The demand for trusted infant formula brands has spiked in recent months, and the subsequent on-selling of formula to China highlights that Chinese consumers continue to seek legitimate, uncontaminated products from Australia.

However, a Camperdown Dairy International spokesperson said the technology was not a response to this issue, but simply another way to reassure Australian and international consumers that Camperdown products were manufactured as safely as possible.

The system generates a unique code printed by precision fibre-optic laser on each tin, providing Camperdown and its customers with full traceability across the supply chain and direct access to health and safety information.

By using a mobile phone at the point of sale, the customer can scan the QR code to access information about the individual tin.

The new technology aims to further enhance Camperdown’s position as a global leader in food safety and innovation.

‘‘We go to great lengths to ensure all Camperdown products are manufactured to the highest food quality standards, the tamper-proof lids being an extension of our commitment to world best practice,’’ Mr Evans said.

He said Camperdown sourced ingredients from Australian dairy farms which gave the company the ability to control and monitor the quality of products throughout the supply chain to ensure consistency and safety.

By Country News on December 15, 2015

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