‘Get voting’ says ADF

By Country News on December 03, 2015

With voting only open for one more week on the Dairy Levy Poll process review, Australian Dairy Farmers is urging dairy levy payers to vote now to ensure their views are heard.

ADF president Noel Campbell called for all levy payers to submit their vote.

‘‘It is crucial levy payers vote as we want to make sure what is proposed to Federal Government is a true representation of their views,’’ Mr Campbell said.

‘‘Voting will remain open until midday on Friday, November 27 so I urge all dairy farmers — get voting.

‘‘We’ve consulted with dairy farmers across Australia and it’s clear that they believe the industry should make the changes to the levy poll process, not least for the time and money saved as a result.’’

Voting papers have been sent to farmers, asking them to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to changes that, if supported with a ‘Yes’ vote, will see a levy poll held only when a change to the levy or its procedures is proposed.

Once the changes are implemented a fail-safe mechanism will be available for farmers to initiate a poll if they believe it is necessary.

Mr Campbell emphasised that under the changes, Dairy Australia would still be required to undergo an independent performance review at least every five years.

This will inform an independent committee of industry representatives on whether a levy poll is required.

■The Dairy Levy Poll process review vote can be completed by post, email, fax or online at www.


By Country News on December 03, 2015

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